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  • When they stay with the shooters, it’s my responsibility to cook ‘em. »Open Image«
  • What I’m doing right now, I’m chasing perfection. »Open Image«
  • These young guys are playing checkers. I’m out there playing chess. »Open Image«
  • Love me or hate me, it’s one or the other. Always has been. Hate my game, my swagger. Hate my fadeaway, my hunger. Hate that I’m a veteran. A champion. Hate that. Hate it with all your heart. And hate that I’m loved, for the exact same reasons. »Open Image«
  • It’s not about the number of hours you practice, it’s about the number of hours your mind is present during the practice.
  • If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail.
  • I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you.
  • My parents are my backbone. Still are. They’re the only group that will support you if you score zero or you score 40.
  • Everyting negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.
  • Winning takes precedence over all. There’s no gray area. No almosts.
  • What people see on court is another side of me; it’s not me.
  • I don’t talk trash often, but when I do, I go for the jugular.
  • Scoring comes easy. It’s not a challenge to me to win the scoring title, because I know I can.
  • I’m extremely willful to win, and I respond to challenges. Scoring titles and stuff like that… it sounds, well, I don’t care how it sounds – to me, scoring comes easy. It’s not a challenge to me to win the scoring title, because I know I can.
  • It’s disgusting, but my father taught me when your mouth gets dry, just suck the sweat out of your own jersey. There’s no bravado to any of it; it’s just a disgusting little trick.
  • I still have the fundamentals and smarts. That’s what enables me to still be a dominant player. As a kid growing up, I never skipped steps. I always worked on fundamentals because I know athleticism is fleeting.
  • People just don’t understand how obsessed I am with winning
  • Just got one more than Shaq. You can take that to the bank.
  • The topic of leadership is a touchy one. A lot of leaders fail because they don’t have the bravery to touch that nerve or strike that chord. Throughout my years, I haven’t had that fear.
  • The important thing is that your teammates have to know you’re pulling for them and you really want them to be successful.
  • It never bothered me when people would say, ‘You only win championships because you’re playing with Shaq.’ It bothered me when he said it.
  • There’s been a lot of talk of me being a one-man show but that’s simply not the case. We win games when I score 40 points and we’ve won when I score 10.
  • One thing you gotta know about me is I have absolutely no filter. I have no problem saying what the hell I think of someone.
  • I don’t want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant.
  • I like playing for the purple and gold. This is where I want to finish up.

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