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  • No question, my game is like A.I.’s, and I’m just a taller version of him. I respect him for what he does on the court every night, and he is somebody I looked up to when I was in college and high school.
  • Immediately after games, we’re talking about what we need to do for the next game. We’re not satisfied in the moment that we’re in.
  • I like to be in the gym working on different stuff by myself—just me and nobody else. That’s when I get a lot done. 
  • Shooting is a lost art, but nobody wants to see nobody shoot all day. You want to see somebody break somebody off the dribble. That’s today game, and that’s what I try to do.
  • My job, my whole life, I’ve always had that kind of doubter, people have always doubted me. And I don’t know how I would succeed without it. So I welcome it, and it gives me a challenge, and I will see if I can live up to my challenge.
  • Whenever there is a big game and people don’t think I can do it, I always play my hardest, and now it has become a part of me.
  • I’m a playmaker, and I’m going to score. At the end of the day, my job is to put the ball in the basket.
  • You only want to use your dunks at the right time. If you do it at the right time, you can wake up everybody and change the whole momentum of the game. It can get the crowd up, get your teammates up. It can wake up yourself, too, if you’re not shooting well.
  • I would love to retire in a Heat uniform. I’m not saying that for fans. I’m saying it because it’s the truth
  • Set your sights high. The higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen. Not in the future but right now.
  • Guys who might not be superstars but because of their hustle, because of the little things they do, these are the guys who can really mean the difference between winning and losing.
  • I understand that I’m not perfect. I made mistakes and I had a hand in everything that’s happened to me, good and bad.
  • The thing is, I don’t do these things for recognition, being a good teammate, being a positive member of the community. I do them because those things make me whole and complete.
  • I love the roar of the crowd. When the fans are with you, their voices come together in a big booming rush of sound that you can actually feel in your body – almost like a wave that lifts you and carries you past your own limits.
  • Man, anytime the ball goes through the basket. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jumper or a drive. Any time the ball goes through the basket, and it’s going through consistently, it’s demoralizing for any opponent.
  • I’ve played for the Miami Heat my whole career under Pat Riley. Mr. GQ himself. So when I pick out my outfits before a game, I’m already feeling confident. And some of that swagger stays with me when I take the court.
  • I supported Obama because of his relationships. A lot of the things he believes in, you would say that it’s not in the best interest for someone in my tax bracket, but it’s not about that. It’s about him making the world better and making it equal and even all around, and that’s what I’m supporting when I supported Obama.

Dwyane Wade Quotes About Fatherhood

  • All children need their fathers, but boys especially need fathers to teach them how to be men.
  • I think you really have to become a parent to understand what you will endure to be there for your kids.
  • When you have kids, they are the consistent things in your life. They don’t change no matter what’s going on. They love you. They are more honest than anybody will be.
  • My name is very important to me. I’m representing the Wade name. I’ve got the name on the back of my jersey when I play. I walk around with that name. That’s my family name, the name my son will grow up with. So it’s very important to me to keep the level of maturity that I have.
  • I was probably a terrible husband, but I pride myself on being a good dad.
  • I think people have had the understanding for many years that whatever happens with the separation of parents, that the kids automatically go to the mother. The fathers don’t know their rights.

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