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  • Money isn’t something I play for. I want to compete. I want to win.»Open Image«
  • I never looked at basketball as work. I always enjoyed it as my hobby. I loved it. Once that love is gone, and I’m tired of working out every day and doing all the stuff to get me ready for games, and I’m tired of lifting and conditioning and doing all that other stuff around it, and I’d rather stay in bed, then it’s time to go.»Open Image«
  • I always wanted to be a basketball player. Nothing more; nothing less.
  • Are you mentally tough? Are you playing through injuries? When the game’s on the line, do you want to kill somebody? I always thought I was tough that way. I wasn’t tough in a rah-rah, elbow you in the face kind of way. But I always thought that when the game comes down to the wire, I always wanted to be there for my team and make the big play. To me, that’s a different kind of toughness.
  • Off the floor, I’m really laid back: nothing really fazes me too much. But on the floor, I do get emotional and a little carried away. However, I started playing when I was 13 to have fun with my teammates, and that never stopped. I enjoy travelling and having fun in the locker room with the guys. Life is too short to be miserable.
  • About his trainer, Holger Geschwindner- “He told me before game six; he said, ‘if you win tomorrow, in game six, you’re gonna have one day off.’ That was my motivation to close it out in six, so I could have a day off.”
  • When you’re older and get more experience, the game slows down for you. I know exactly what spot to get to where I can always get my shot off no matter who’s guarding me.
  • If i get up in the morning and I say I gotta go to work then i’d rather retire because I’ve never looked at basketball as work.

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