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  • So what world are we referring to that would “let you be great”? I mean LET you be anything? This life is the grind.. Seek and u shall find. »Open Image«
  • Whenever I’m on the court, I feel like I’m making a statement and a case that I belong. »Open Image«
  • I chose the number zero because I’m from Oakland, I went to school in Ogden and now I’m playing in Oregon. »Open Image«
  • Be Different… It makes a difference. »Open Image«
  • I don’t play the game selfish. I want to find guys and make the next guy look good.
  • Why not make history?
  • If another person’s words can knock you off balance, then you need to check your foundation and see what you’re built on.
  • I always get down when I see people in life threatening situations with their health. When they’re young it makes me feel I’m not grateful enough.
  • When you love who YOU are so much , it makes other people want to love you too out of curiosity. Being you is great enough. Never forget it!
  • A reputation is something you have to keep earning. If not it will disappear like it never existed. OWN it… Forever!
  • Being “fancy” or “entitled” I can’t stand. Some of us are doing better , but that certainly does not mean we ARE better.
  • Sometimes you have to check yourself.
  • People can be so childish. Social media is a tool but also strains our ability to communicate.
  • I believed I could do anything. There was even a point where I wanted to be a professional wrestler.

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If you’re a fan of the young point guard, you can see his documentation of his journey to and in the NBA below:

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