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  • When people talk about the greatest ever, I want to be in that conversation. I’m nowhere close to it.. But it’s where I want to go. »Open Image«
  • I’m a basketball player, and I’m still going to guard the rim whoever is out there. It doesn’t matter if I’m a power forward or a center. My job doesn’t change. »Open Image«
  • Me playing well and us losing doesn’t mean anything. I want to win, so I don’t care about having two points, four points or 30 points. As long as we get win, that’s all that really matters. »Open Image«
  • I just want to win, man. That’s the biggest thing for me. All the All-Star selections and gold medals are fine—I definitely want win another gold medal. But for my team, I want to win.
  • I’m working on everything. There’s nothing that I don’t want to learn. There’s nothing that I don’t want to succeed in as far as things on the court. Whatever the coaches think I need to work on, I’m going to work on in the offseason in order to try and get better. You never know when you are going to need that one tool in a certain situation. So, I’m just trying to work on becoming the full package.
  • If I keep working hard, playing hard and doing what I have to do, making my team win and do what the coaches want me to do, do what the veterans want me to do, I think the sky is the limit. But I have to always stay humble.
  • You definitely have to learn to start saying no. You’re going to lose a lot of friends. You just have to live with it.

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Below is a list of the top 10 plays by the rising superstar in his sophomore campaign:

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